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Kayla Dailey

Editor/ Illustrator

Kayla is an illustrator, animator, and video editor on the team. She is also a long time game tester of Terrazone, Clash of Creatures.


Video Game Genres: Kayla enjoys Tower Defense, RPG and puzzle games. Throw in some monsters to the world and she is hooked!. She loves solving puzzles in games as well as experiencing a world of adventure that can branch off into many different areas to explore. She also likes games that have a lot of micromanaging. 


Deck Style: She loves building Rogue-style decks. In other words, a deck a player would never see coming. She takes delight in seeing how a player reacts to wacky play styles and decisions.  Aesthetically, she tends to lean towards decks that have dragons in them. 

Kayla also does Video Game Streaming on Glint Gamers​ along side Ryan. 

She also does online tutoring for digital art, illustration and animation here:

Kayla Wyzant Tutoring Page

Rob is an Illustrator and creator of the TerraZone, Clash of Creatures card game.

He works together with all of his teammates as they
share information and provide input. 

Video Game Genres: Rob is a big fan of digital card games, as well as RPG games. He loves getting invested in a game with a long story.   

He likes the collective aspect of collecting and building decks, such as working off of what you get and working up to build stronger decks. He also enjoys getting to know a new cast of characters, the story told by the characters, and the unique battle systems in each game. 

Deck Style: He looks for consistency in a deck, as well as micromanaging the field, or resources. He chooses cards based on aesthetics, such as cool and pretty cards. 

Rob also illustrates and writes the Webtoon TerraZone: Wake the Will.

Rob C. Miller

CEO/ Illustrator

Ryan Roscoe

 Co-Founder/ Programmer

Ryan is the team’s resident programmer &

Co-Founder of Mystic Mask Media. He handles most of the team’s code related ventures. He also lends his knowledge of game design/development to the balance & general game play of our franchises.

Video Game Genres: Ryan appreciates JRPG styles games and Fighting Games. 

He enjoys creating different builds for characters and seeing if they are successful. He likes the competitive aspect of fighting games, being the depth of learning a single character and mastering their play style 

Deck Style: The Inventor: Ryan likes to find the hidden potential  of

even the most under-used cards to create powerful and competitive balance.

Ryan also does Video Game Streaming on Glint Gamers along side Kayla. 

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