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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 23: The Club Room

Sky, Seon and the rest of the TerraZone club have been painstakingly cleaning and prepping their new club room in the school. This will serve as one of many important locations in the game, as inside the clubroom, the player can practice against each of the members as well as keep track of various tasks the club is partaking in throughout the game.

Using the perspective we created for Manager’s Shop, we came up first with a blank template of the room. We would use Sky as a point of reference to make sure all the decorations are proportionate to both Sky and the rest of the world. Keeping in mind our isometric setup, more perspective lines were created to help keep more of the room lined up to one another.

As the club room was being designed, we started with the chalkboard, as we knew that would be where Seon would be standing to talk about each meeting. Afterwards, we knew there would be a table by the window where each of the club members could play a game of TerraZone and trade cards with one another. By the table is Seon’s desk, where he can overlook matches and devise strategies. We decided the table would be a classic picnic or craft table with folding metal chairs. 3D models in blender were used as reference, and the objects were then drawn in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.

One of the bigger challenges was keeping the colors uniform to each other. TerraZone being a brightly saturated universe means the colors would pop. Keeping in mind that for everything to match, the colors must also be “toned down” so the colors would fit together correctly.

Once we came up with the tables and color scheme in the room, the decorations needed to come next. As a TerraZone club, naturally the room had to have a lot of TerraZone memorabilia scattered around the room. We thought about each of the club members and what “they” would put into the room, so a player can have fun assuming which decoration came from who. Some of the images on the wall are actually earlier drafts of Creature art found in the first 2 packs of TerraZone.

Lastly, to add more minor touches to the room, we decided to add the classic “shoebox of cards” on the table, which is filled with all the club members duplicate cards. Next to the shoebox is also various card game tip magazines as well as printouts of deck recipes. One of the last things added in the room was the venus flytrap or “Vinetrap”, which is a support creature found in the Earth Affinity. Knowing Seon, we felt it would be amusing to have various “large” decorations like this in the room as well.

Seon and Sky have a lot of work ahead of them to prepare this fabulous club. Next week we will not be having a devlog but will be returning to the normal routine on the following Friday. We will be discussing the transition screen in more detail next time. Thank you once again for tuning in on another devlog and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep up to date. See you next time TerraZone fans!

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