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TerraZone News: Earth and Water Players

Updated: May 27, 2022

TerraZone: Wake the Will Updates again with it's 7th episode today on Webtoon!

Last time, Craig challenged Crystal to a battle in TerraZone, and today we see how the battle escalates!

Here's a look at the characters and their decks!

Craig Lopez is one of the main protagonists of TerraZone: Wake the Will

He is a very laid back guy and prefers to plays his favorites when it comes to playing TerraZone. Currently in a Relationship with Teresa Hill.

Age: 17

Birthday: 8/20

Occupation: Senior at Nostol High School.

First appearance: TerraZone How to Play Pilot

Decks: Great Tyrant Earth Deck

Cards: Great Tyrant, Ankylo, 8 Spiked Lizard, Earth Sprite

The Great Tyrant Build focuses on Rank manipulation on the board. With this, the opponent is often pushed into situations that force them to be over rank and force cards into the discard pile.

Crystal Cheng is one of the main protagonists of TerraZone: Wake the Will

She is very focused when it comes to playing TerraZone: Clash of Creatures. She's known to be one of the top TerraZone players, or so that's what her younger sister Kaitlyn(Kitty) always says.

Age: 22

Birthday: 9/4

Occupation: Financial Consultant at Hill Top National Bank

Decks: Scars of War Water Deck

Cards: Scars of War, Ally Gator. Seazer, Water Sprite.

The Scars of War build focuses on creating Mine Counters on the board. When mine counters reach 3 counters, cards start to explode off the board in any combination of a single card to entire rows and columns. They will usually integrate mine counter placement with Flood Tokens on the board.

Thank you everyone for tuning into another update. We're looking to return with more TerraZone news in the future. We'll be discussing various News as to what we've been up to with the card game and the Webtoon. The next update will be 3/4/2022. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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