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TerraZone News: Tides of Time

Updated: May 27, 2022

Here's a promo piece featuring Evan and Hayley on the beach. It was Pisces Season on Webtoon and to celebrate, Rob illustrated this artwork.

TerraZone: Wake the Will Updates again with it's 9th episode today on Webtoon!

Hayley is a main character in both Wake the Will and Shoot for the Stars. Where development for Shoot for the Stars is currently on a hiatus, the overarching stories for these characters are carefully considered when fitting into each other's canon story line. Hayley has made very brief appearances in the webtoon thus far and has seemed to have taken in interest in Evan when she enters the card shop for the first time. The theme of her character stays consistent as it was with Shoot for the Stars, where she tries to "blossom" into the person she wants to be while overcoming her shyness.

Hayley later after having this dream several times attempts to enter the card shop but hesitates.

Hayley is a shy individual in TerraZone: Wake the Will . She witnessed Evan playing Destiny Dragon and seems to have a reoccurring dream with him from her past.

Age: 16

Birthday: 3/16

Occupation: Junior at Nostol Falls High School

Decks: Water

Cards: Maiden of Memories(formerly Beach Maiden), Party Favor, Lolly, Beach Seagull

The Maiden of Memories build focuses on creating Flood Tokens on the board and stalling the opponent while landing direct hits.

To further tie Maiden of Memories with Hayley, her concept has started to under go a redesign with more backstory to come.

2018 Maiden of Memories (Beach Maiden) Design.

2022 Maiden of Memories Design.

As another "nod" to her deck theme, we decided to separate "Seas" and create another Terrain called "Tides of Time".

Thank you everyone for tuning into another update. We're looking to return with more TerraZone news in the future. We'll be discussing various News as to what we've been up to with the card game and the Webtoon. The next update will be 4/1/2022. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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