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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 16: Nostol Falls School

In the town of Nostol, there are 2 high schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 elementary schools. Shoot for the Stars school will take place in the Nostol Falls High School. This school is named after the attraction of the beautiful Nostol Waterfall located near the park. The aerial view of the school is a nod to an older version of the TerraZone Logo, when it was previously called "Creatures”.

"Creatures" Card Back 2011 Logo

Our current working layout for the school is divided into 3 wings, with a lighting shaped bridge connected through the center, where all the lockers are located. The A wings houses the Junior and Senior academic classes as well as the teacher’s lounge. The B Wing houses the Freshman and Sophomore classes, including the Principal’s Office and the Nurse’s Office. The C Wing is where all the electives are, including the gym, auditorium, and the cafeteria. Finally most importantly of all, this wing contains the club rooms, which includes of course the TerraZone room.

School Front Concept

School Courtyard concept

Every school also must have a suitable mascot, and with a strong emphasis on the theme of "water," the Nostol Fall’s mascot was decided to be "The Leviathan". (Show your school spirit!)

Rob initially came up with 3 designs for the mascot, and we agreed the first one was a very strong winner.

School Mascot concepts

Leviathan Mascot Final Design

Thank you for joining us for another of Seon’s sessions. Being well educated in all forms of the game he believes is very important. With knowledge also comes leisure, so next time we’ll be bringing you to the Town’s Park! As usual, you can keep updated with posts from our Twitter account every week. See you next time TerraZone fans!

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