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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 18: The Calendar

Once again we’re looking back at the menus. Since the game will take place over the course of a school year, it will be important for players to be able to plan ahead for events as well as keep track of what they’ve already done.

The screen will display a month at a time. Our familiar blue selection box allows us to highlight days, providing us information in the bar to the right side. This includes data on the numeric date, the day of the week, any events already scheduled for that day, and the events you already took part in during various parts of that day. Weekends are labeled in orange to help them stand out.

Players are able to scroll between the different months of the year. Since this game takes place in 1 school year, the calendar will loop back to the current year again when going from September to August and vice versa.

Thank you for joining us in another devlog! As we begin work on the game’s card battle system, we will take a detour over to Sky’s House to meet some of his family members as well as become familiar with their home. Make sure to join us over on Twitter to get updated as soon as it becomes available. See you all next week!

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