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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 19: Sky's House

Sky’s House is a quaint, ranch-style home in the cozy suburbs of Nostol. It’s a one story home that has a living room, kitchen, as well as Sky’s bedroom planned out. The living room has modest décor with some various houseplants, a coffee table, couches and a TV.

Of course inside Sky’s house you will also be meeting Sky’s family. There you will see Mr. and Mrs. Varian, as well as Sky’s sister Phoebe. Sky’s parents play a moral support role in Sky’s adventure; whereas, Phoebe plays a bit more of a major role. She is a college student that loves to gaze up at the stars, and one day aspires to be an astronomer. Due to her dream of being an astronomer, we named her after one of the moons of Saturn, which we also felt was fitting with both of their names meaning something with "looking up at the sky". Sky's family's last name "Varian" comes from the word "Variable" since Sky is a self insert character, and every adventure is going to be different for every player.

Thank you once again for joining us for our devlog! We’ve been working quite a bit on the general map layout of important places to cover in the game. Next week we will be taking a look at Main Street, which is the downtown center of Nostol. Make sure to join us over on Twitter to get updated as soon as it becomes available. See you all next week!

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