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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 20: Main Street

In the town of Nostol lies Main Street, which contains many popular shops. Pedestrians walk the sidewalks, while cars drive up and down the road to reach their destinations. Some store owners even live in the upper quarters of their shops, like our very own Manager!

Speaking of Manager, guess which store you can find on Main Street? That’s right! Cards and Comics! The one and only card shop is accessible for you to buy lots of packs and singles to strengthen your decks, as discussed in a previous devlog.

Cards and Comics isn’t the only store on Main Street, of course. You can also find VidJoe’s, which is where people can buy and rent DVDs and video games. You can also find a barber shop, pet store, furniture store, Rio’s Lunch, and many more. Finally, no Main Street is complete without a convenience store. It sits at the very end of Main Street, as the road curves into other streets and it’s only a few doors down from Cards and Comics! “Convenient”.

There are many people to meet here, whether you’re walking the streets or visiting the shops. The people you meet could be random strangers that give you tips, or give you a little insight into the town of Nostol. Others could be your friends you’re getting to know, or, of course, players you can card battle against! Roam Main Street after school and see what you can find!

Thank you once again for joining us for our devlog! We’ll be attending eTablecon, which is an online convention being held this weekend (probably while you’re reading this) There we will be allowing our fans to try out the actual card game, TerraZone, Clash of Creatures. Next week we’ll be discussing how eTablecon went. Make sure to join us over on Twitter to get updated as soon as it becomes available. See you all next week!

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