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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 21: eTableCon

ETableCon was a convention held last weekend from Oct 23-25 as an online discord convention hosted by Xyphien LLC. Various tabletop games could be played using Tabletop Simulator, Untap, or Tabletopia. This was the second eTableCon following the one from last May. At this convention, we brought TerraZone: Clash of Creatures as one of the games to try at the event.

Prior to the event, we made a sign up form so players could book a game session with us in advance. We had 9 different people come and try the game, with at least half of them coming back to play multiple times! (it was our master plan the whole time!).

Keeping that Will Power at bay with Earth!

32 Power Creature! A force to reckon with.

The overall response to the gameplay was incredibly positive, and we feel it has attained its “final form”, making it ready to enter the Shoot for the Stars universe. From this point forward we will turn our focus towards focusing on balancing card effects now that the core mechanics are completed. A lot of people liked the micromanagement aspect of the game, and preferred the new pace of the game created by our recent gameplay changes.

During the convention we also had 3 live streams with Xyphien talking about the business, showcasing a demo of the gameplay, as well as talk about our future Kickstarter plans for Shoot for the Stars. We plan to release the video game demo in Q1 of 2021 featuring the first few days of the school year.

Thank you once again for joining us for our devlog! It’s been quite the adventure so far with all the development of the game, and we thank everyone that takes the time to read these updates, as well as those that have tried out the game. Next week we’ll be discussing the gameplay aspects of the game! Make sure to join us over on Twitter to get updated as soon as it becomes available. See you all next week!

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