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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 22: The Card Game

Up until now we’ve been heavily discussing elements of the game relating to the overworld and the story. We would like to finally share how the card game itself functions to give our fans more context on that element itself as we begin transitioning into talking about the systems applying to that in game.

TerraZone is a card game where 2 players choose a Terrain to represent, and battle to assert victory over their opponent. Both players hold 3 cards in their Reserves, and as players take direct damage, cards from the Reserves will be played. When a player attacks an opponent that has no more Reserves directly, the attacker wins the game.

Every turn, the turn player will draw a card, and both players will gain 1 of TerraZone’s unique resource, Willpower(WP). The turn player may then play cards to their field on any space pointed to by the arrows on their cards. Some cards have a Rank, and the total Rank of cards on a Player’s field may not exceed their WP.

Upon finding a suitable formation, the turn player may then begin attacking using their Fighting Creatures. A Fighting Creature may attack any card in its column besides Terrain Cards, doing battle with other Fighting Creatures, or destroying any other type of card it attacks. If there are no other cards, that Fighting Creature may instead attack directly, ultimately bringing the player closer to victory.

When taking damage a player will play one card from their Reserves anywhere on their field to help defend against further attacks, as well as enable the card’s unique effects. Of course as already stated, if the defender has no more Reserves when they are direct attacked, they lose the game. In Shoot for the Stars, the user will then collect rewards before returning to the overworld.

Thank you again for joining us on this devlog. Next week we’ll be showing off some updates to the club room! Make sure to join us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on our next update. See you again next week!

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