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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 29: The Classrooms

During Shoot for the Stars, the player will be starting off many of their days in the High School. Just like many of the other locations in the game, the classroom being a main story telling location has a visual novel section as well as the in game map where players can walk around the school.

Classroom in Blender

Classroom Visual Novel Work in Progress

When designing the classroom, we took into many considerations such as both what a high school desk would look like and what would be considered comfortable. We remember the days sitting in on the high school desks where there was often very little room space. We wanted to design our desks to show what we would have thought a more comfortable amount of desk space would have looked like. We researched various classroom desks and found one called a “T” Desk and found that would be the perfect candidate. We then went straight to work modeling up a desk in Blender and exporting a classroom into photoshop where we then add more rendering into the scene.

Classroom Overworld Work in Progress

For the overworld version of the classroom, we took into consideration our custom perspective we have for the game, and designed the classroom around that perspective. We also took into consideration that “Sky” often will be walking left and right, and thus we designed the rooms to be typically facing in those directions.

That’s all for this week’s look in one of the classrooms in the game. Next week Wendy is going to go shopping! What did Wendy buy? Find out in next week’s devlog! Until then, make sure to subscribe to our Twitter so you can always stay informed on the latest TerraZone related news and get a heads up on when the next Devlog releases. See you next week TerraZone fans!

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