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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 30: Wendy's New Outfit

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Wendy has been looking forward to the day she could reveal her new outfit and so have we! Wendy has gone through many transformations since production of the game started. We knew going in we wanted an older female figure in the club that also came from a wealthy background. Initially when we designed her, her outfit was very “princess-like” and we all agreed it was a little over the top for a realistic setting. Shortly after came the well known look sporting the large bows in her hair and the longer dress that we’ve all become familiar with.

Wendy May 2020 Alpha Design

Wendy Design June 2020-January 2021

After getting familiar with the club and seeing the club interact with one another, we started to all feel that Wendy needed a redesign, and this thought has been with us for a long time now. It’s been pointed out several times that Wendy looked like she was Dragon Girl. Hearing people discuss her design resembled a cosplay of Dragon Girl led us to realize people wouldn’t take her seriously in the club. (We even acknowledged this in a previous devlog where Wendy’s face was literally on a Dragon Girl.)

close up from Dragon Girl card

Dragon Girl has appeared in many previous iterations and play tests of TerraZone: Clash of Creatures. She will debut with her brand new card effect in "TerraZone: Wake the Will" Arc 0!

Wendy's Face on Dragon Girl Body - Devlog 22

With that said, we all went back to the drawing board, literally. The three of us talked about what should be kept and what shouldn't be kept on Wendy’s design. We knew we wanted her to have a “mature” air about her, but also knew the bows were a signature look for her at this point. We decided to take away her old bows and give her a new, much smaller and less daunting ribbon on the side of her head while having the ribbon pull some of her bangs back.

Next, we knew the boots and dress as well as some of her accessories were also a key part of her design, so we changed up the dress a little, while giving her taller boots as well as a vest over her dress this time. We also wanted to add a sort of “theme” to her design, so the ribbons were sprinkled throughout her design between the boots, the dress, and the choker as well.

Next, we knew she needed to keep her purple color scheme, but not have nearly as much purple across her entire outfit. We experimented with a few color combinations knowing her main dress would be purple. We started off with a lighter color for her vest and boots but immediately did not like that as it clashed with the image of her being a wealthy character. We decided it was most appropriate for her to continue to sport royal colors to that effect. After more experimentation we found a dark navy blue with light blue leggings was the winner.

Wendy Color experiment 1

Wendy's official new design

With that said, Wendy now has her new design for Shoot for the Stars! What does everyone think? We know the three of us feel much better about her design, and will be updating her appearance in our various promotional banners and the website in the near future.

That’s all for this week’s look at some new character design! Wendy was very happy to share her new aesthetics this time. Next week, we’ll be returning to the battle screen once again. This time we’ll be talking about the card preview tab. Until then, make sure to subscribe to our Twitter so you can always stay informed on the latest TerraZone related news and get a heads up on when the next Devlog releases. See you next week TerraZone fans!

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