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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 35: Spending Time with Phoebe

Phoebe is Sky’s older sister, and loves to give advice to her younger sibling. She is currently attending Nostol University majoring in Astronomy. Often at night, when Sky comes home, you can find Phoebe gazing up at the stars. Often, Sky reflects upon that day’s events and looks to talk to Phoebe for her advice on the matter or even to simply wind down for the evening. These encounters are also in a way therapeutic for Phoebe, as she has a really strong bond with Sky.

When we were coming up with Phoebe’s role in the story, we wanted her music to reflect the overall mood of the scene. When communicating with Swyka, we decided a calm, collected, yet somber and reflective variant of the overworld song would be appropriate for Phoebe.

For the visual novel part of this scene, we finally were able to put all the pieces together properly using the event editor created for this game. This would include controlling the speed of the text, timing of transitions, and even making certain puppets the focal point or swap between certain animations for that puppet. Inside Spine, multiple Animations can be created under the same puppet, and each named animation can be called from the puppet’s script when exporting to the game.

Lastly, the final touch of the scene being the background itself. As mentioned in previous devlogs, we’ve been using 3D models to create a more detailed scene, and then color inside photoshop/clip studio paint. Sky’s house is an example of a scene that actually will have different coloring based on the time of the day, as well as the added bonus of a telescope present in the night time variant.

Lighting concept for day variant.

Thank you everyone for tuning into another update. This will be the last devlog for our weekly updates but worry not! Moving forward, we will switch to a Monthly Devlog with even bigger updates in each post. We will be posting devlogs on the last Friday of each month, so the next update will be 3/26/2021. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates. The demo gets closer and closer to complete with each passing week, so see you next time TerraZone Fans!

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