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TerraZone News: New Beginnings

Updated: May 27, 2022

On the bright side, this doesn't mean TerraZone as a whole is stopping. We are still working on the card game behind the scenes and working on the new Webtoon "TerraZone : Wake the Will". Wake the Will serves as the main storyline within the franchise where the events of Shoot for the Stars run parallel to the evens in Wake the Will.

We have a short Teaser Trailer showing off some highlights from the webtoon!

Our teaser among many other teasers had been showcased through a #webcomictrailer event. TerraZone: Wake the Will made an appearance at 2:09:50.

Q&A Video

Recently, we held our annual Q & A video, which goes into further details on some very inquisitive questions!

We also have a lovely new photo gallery section on our site currently featuring a photoshoot of Ryan and Kayla as Seon and Dragon Girl. As a reminder, Seon is the leader of the TerraZone club from "Shoot for the Stars" and Dragon Girl is one of the key Wind Cards from our first set. Dragon Girl can be seen played by Evan in the Webtoon.

Dragon Girl also made her debut recently for the “Card Reveals” channel in our discord, as now the 4 base starter decks cards showcased at etablecon have now all been fully revealed.

Thank you everyone for tuning into another update. We're looking to return with more TerraZone news in the future. We'll be discussing various News as to what we've been up to with the card game and the Webtoon. The next update will be 2/18/2022. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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