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TerraZone News: Into the Fire!

Updated: May 27, 2022

Here's a video featuring one of the cards played in this week's episode!

TerraZone: Wake the Will Updates again with it's 8th episode today on Webtoon!

Today, we get introduced with a new Fire Player! Neo comes to cards and comics and shows us what he's made of!

Here's a look at the characters and their decks!

Neo is a new rival in TerraZone: Wake the Will

He has a very chill personality but also is very enthusiastic about TerraZone. When he plays a game he really gets "fired up" and shows a lot of personality through his plays. He's also one to make a lot of metaphors on situations around him.

Age: ??

Birthday: ??

Occupation: ??

Decks: Symbol of Rebirth Fire Deck

Cards: Symbol of Rebirth, Sun Child, Ferocious Flame Feline, Combuster

The Symbol of Rebirth build focuses of bringing cards back from the the discard pile. It's a rush style deck that summons many Fighting Creatures on the board at once.

For Some that may remember, we snuck a cameo of Neo back in Shoot for the Stars Devlog 38's cover.

Evan Williams, the main protagonist of TerraZone: Wake the Will

His life is cold and lifeless. He tries to find an escape and found playing his favorite card game “TerraZone: Clash of Creatures” has given him that life he seeked.

Age: 17

Birthday: 3/8

Occupation: Senior at Nostol High School

First appearance: TerraZone:How to Play Pilot

Decks: Destiny Dragon Wind Deck

Cards: Destiny Dragon, Dragon Girl, Vortex Maiden, Wind Sprite, Gust Dragon

The Destiny Dragon build focuses on bouncing cards from the field back into the opponent's hand. The deck moves cards around to isolate cards for bounce effects to go off.

Thank you everyone for tuning into another update. We're looking to return with more TerraZone news in the future. We'll be discussing various News as to what we've been up to with the card game and the Webtoon. The next update will be 3/18/2022. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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