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TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars Devlog 10: Delicate like a Flower

Hayley Flynn is a junior in Nostol Falls High School. She is a timid girl who wishes to make friends, though her shy nature makes it difficult to do so. She uses the TerraZone card game in order to open the door to making new friends. She mains the Water affinity, which specializes in stall tactics that make it difficult for the player to pressure her. While not the best player around, Hayley pushes on, whether she wins or loses. She has a good relationship with every member in the club, given her mild mannered demeanor, as she never wants to offend others and wants to be everyone's friend.

Rob C. Miller, creator of the TerraZone comic series, explains, "When designing Hayley's character, I wanted her to be "teeth-rottingly cute". I wanted people to look at her and have the impulse to just give her a big hug. Because of this I have her wear an over-sized hooded-sweater. I also gave her a bit of a "flowery" theme, since I think it adds to making a girl seem cuter. It also symbolizes Hayley's character as she "blossoms" into the person she wants to be. I'm a major fan of using complimentary colors, so I made Hayley a red head and colored her sweater a light, minty green. (Which also in turn, symbolizes the color scheme of each member matching a card type. In this case, Hayley represents "Terrain" card colors) With red and green, may as well have blue, so I gave her blue jeans. That way she dons an "RGB" color scheme. To add to her innocence, I also have her wear velcro shoes, which is highly uncommon in older teens, but I find adorable on her. Being a major fan of long hair, I just had to give it to Hayley to round out her adorable appearance. "Hayley" means "clearing" or "meadow", which aids her flowery design. Her last name "Flynn" is irish and could mean "reddish complexion". This nods to both her hair and that she easily becomes bashful.

Hayley's TerraZone deck, as mentioned before, consists of the Water Affinity. Water decks like to create Flood Tokens on the opponent's side of the field, that which block spaces off from being used by the opponent for a turn; however, Flood Tokens do have arrows, so the opponent can at least play cards off of them. Hayley aims to fill her opponent's board with Floods so she can get a quick direct attack with her signature boss card, "Beach Maiden", a card introduced in pack 2. Other Hayley-exclusive cards, like "Lolly" and "Beach Seagull" help to generate more Flood Tokens for Beach Maiden and other effects. She holds her Beach Maiden close to her heart, as it is a special card given to her by a close friend.

**Disclaimer** Card artwork and templates are in late concept stages and may not be the final artwork.

We will be continuing to showcase more characters in the future. As usual, follow us on Twitter to see what we’re up to next! Next week, we will be returning to the Relationships menu into more thorough detail. We hope to see you all then!

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