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TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars Devlog 11: Friend Rank Menu

We’ve continued trucking through the menus. Today I’ll be discussing our friend rank menu. The main menu was designed so each section would flow from the hub menu. Two particular elements carry over between every menu. There is a shape behind the characters themselves on the main menu, as well as the title bar at the top that transitions with the menu.

The right side shape is designed so it may be morphed into whatever shape we choose. This is used as framing in each menu. As the menu transitions you will notice the shape takes on a triangular shape that both frames Hayley as well as our list of rank up perks. The title bar will also transition, changing both the title as well as the color scheme of the menu it is now in.

The menu itself has two interactive features. One allows the player to toggle between all the characters they have established a friendship with. This will update the perk list, level and current details about that character’s story up to this point. The other is a scrolling list of all available perks for that character. Perks that have not currently been unlocked are replaced with a ‘???’.

That will be all for this week; however, we will finally be sharing with you some information about everyone’s favorite club leader. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you get updated as soon as it goes up. See you all next week TerraZone fans!

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