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TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars Devlog 12: Rising Seon

Seon Chul-soon is a Junior at Nostol Falls High School. He is the leader of the TerraZone club, and specializes in the Light Affinity. He is very skilled in TerraZone, and likes planning strategies for his deck. He is also a long time eccentric friend of Sky, asking them to join his club at the beginning of the school year.

When we were designing Seon, we decided it would be fun to have one of the major characters in the game be ironically funny in a quirky way, and his personality essentially snowballed off that idea. At first,we knew this character had to be Sky’s best friend. This was before we had established there would be a club. Despite Seon’s quirky nature, he still possesses a strong sense of justice. We felt this would be best represented through the Light affinity, and in turn his Affinity was decided.

When determining the plot for the game, we were struggling to determine the overarching story. Unlike other card game related story media, we felt that this story should be grounded more in reality to provide a different perspective for players of this kind of game. We decided a story around a school club would allow us a lot of freedom to explore many of the characters we had begun to create and fall in love with during the concepting period. Of course who better to lead this group than the most quirky of them all? Having spent much of the initial creative period discussing many of his interesting interactions and mannerisms, we knew who would have to be the catalyst for the club itself.

Seon’s name was initially created from us breaking down the name “Seonjang”, which means “Captain” in Korean. We wanted a name that was shorter and easier for players to remember though, resulting in us taking the prefix of the former name, translating to “first” or “to announce.” This of course has multiple meanings, relating to his position as club leader, Sky’s best friend, as well as his odd but outgoing nature. Chul-soon translates to “pure and wise,” showing off Seon’s intelligent character and speech patterns, while also emphasizing his ability to tactically assemble TerraZone decks. His outfit being “orange” is based on the “Support Creature” color, since Seon is a secondary main character in the game and “supports” Sky in their adventure.

The Light Affinity debuts in the second set of TerraZone cards.This affinity likes to peek at the opponent’s hand, guess card types, and control where and when players may or may not play those cards. Like Seon, many of the Light Affinity cards are rather quirky in design. Some are what some may consider to be traditional “light” creatures, such as “Illuminating Alicorn,” whereas some cards include more imaginative uses of light representation. Some examples include the flash of light from “Lens Flare’s” glasses, and the bat “Search Party” trying to find its friends with a flashlight.

Illuminating Alicorn concept in Procreate - Kayla Dailey

Lens Flare Concept in Procreate -Kayla Dailey

Thank you for tuning in to today's devlog. Next week, we will be discussing the Overworld in further detail. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you get updated as soon as it goes up. See you all next week TerraZone fans!

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