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TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars Devlog 13: Its a Whole New World

The overworld is where Sky will be traveling from one destination to another and have an opportunity to explore the Town of Nostol on their adventure. Some of the locations will include the Main Street where the card shop is located, the school itself and the suburban neighborhood of houses. There, of course will be many more locations to explore as the game gets further in development.

We mentioned in an earlier devlog that objects in the world are on a 2.5D perspective, where the character can walk both in front and behind objects depending where the character is standing. We accomplish that with a Photoshop script that sorts the objects in the world based on the left, middle and right side of the screen.

Since last we saw Manager’s shop, he had an opportunity to start unpacking and decorating the shop. We’ve begun adding decorative touches to the room including posters, a vending machine, and miscellaneous objects scattered on the tables. We thought about what kind of objects we’d see in a “cards and comics shop, such as the franchises that will be on the walls, the soda cans from the vending machine, and even little real world examples such as a trash can and the restrooms. There’s a phrase that goes “virtual perfection is imperfection” as in order for a world to seem more lively is to add back in all the objects we’d see in real life. Manager still has a lot of unpacking to do, and he has many interesting ideas to further decorate the shop!

Lastly, in the overworld, the player needs to have a HUD to see what day it is and what time it is. We’ve created a HUD that showcases the day with a calendar icon in the top right as well as a sun and moon to showcase what time of day it is. An in game day will have 3 main phases of the day: morning, afternoon, and evening. In the top left, we also showcase the current mission Sky is going through to make progress in the game’s story.

Thank you for tuning in to another topic this week. Next week, we will be discussing the items menu(Which we’re certain Manager will want many of the items in the list). Be sure to follow us on Twitter and we’ll see you all next week TerraZone fans!

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