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TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars Devlog 7: Making of a BFF

In TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars, players will have a variety of characters they will be able to interact with from day to day. Through interacting with these characters they will be able to increase the rank of their relationship with those characters as well as gain benefits for raising them. These bonuses range from getting discounts, to helping acquire cards in different ways.

When speaking to a character it will generally take up time during your day, where you will run through part of that character’s story, and depending on the choices you make will earn experience towards that character’s relationship rank. Upon earning enough experience, the next time you spend your time with them, they will rank up. Some characters may rank up over the course of the story as well.

So far we have added functionality under the hood for managing all the data for this system. We have even included functionality for leveling the relationships up which is currently operating in the game right now.

In the future we will also be creating a menu that will allow you to scroll through all of the relationships you have formed and track your progress through them. While this menu isn’t in the game yet, we have begun to concept and build the components for preparing to include it in the game.

This is just one of many systems that will be included in this game. We look forward to creating and sharing more of this game functionality with our community soon. For now this is all, but we will be sharing the TerraZone Club’s most creative member next week. Follow us on Twitter to get notified when we put the next Devlog up!

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