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TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars Devlog 8: Artist of Shadows

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Shikaku Sugimori is a Junior at Nostol Falls High school. He is an Abstract painter and caricature artist. He’s not particularly great at the TerraZone card game, but is a huge fan of the art on the cards, which inspires him to paint. He specializes in the Dark Affinity. Seon and Shikaku share a “tense” friendship in the club, and don’t particularly like each other very much. They constantly get on each other’s nerves, and also like to try to have the last word in.

-When we were designing Shikaku’s character, much like the other characters in the game, we started off with the “8 main Affinities” of the game. We gave an identity to each Affinity through a main character seen in either the club or the game. We went through a list of a few different types of Students seen in a school, and thought it’d be interesting to have the “Dark” affinity tied to “the class artist”. Often, artists tend to have a lot of emotion through their paintings or drawings, and found it appropriate to tie these together. When designing him, we looked through and thought about “what would look artsy” as a character.

For contrast, we gave Shikaku dyed hair and a sleeveless shirt and completed the look with sandals and a flannel shirt tied around his waist. Shikaku's last name "Sugimori" is a nod to Pokemon's main character designer and art director "Ken Sugimori". Both of our artists on the team, being heavily influenced from the Pokemon franchise felt it suiting to give the "artist" of the game an inspirational last name.

With him being a huge fan of the TerraZone franchise, we also added a few "TerraZone stickers" on his portfolio. The final color schemes of each of the club members was also based on the main colors of the TerraZone cards.(Shikaku being “grey” to represent “Attachment Cards”. Wendy wearing purple representing “Rogue Creatures”, and Sky wearing “blue” representing “Fighting Creatures”).

The Dark affinity likes to damage their own Reserves to gain various buffs and card effects on the board.In each of the sets as well as the Dark starter deck, a player has many choices of cards to run for their play style.

Shikaku starts the game off with the first main Dark boss card, a Fallen Angel, which debuts in the second set of TerraZone cards. Here’s a look at some concept work for some of the Dark Affinity Creatures seen in the game.

Dark Text Box Concept

Some of the Dark Affinity Cards such as “Silent Midnight” and the Fallen Angel share their own unique card lore, involving being in a “Dark Organization”. Many of the TerraZone cards will feature plenty of their own mini stories, so stay tuned for more updates!

This of course is just one of the Affinities covered as well as the second to last TerraZone club member. We look forward to sharing more content with our community soon.

For now this is all, but we will be sharing some graphical assets on the Main Game Menu next week. Follow us on Twitter to get notified when we put the next Devlog up!

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