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Shoot for the Stars Devlog 34: Hover Elements

On the battlefield, cards have been condensed into mini form to reduce overhead in rendering them. Beyond that, it also eliminates a lot of information clutter as much of the information is irrelevant when simply trying to play and arrange cards on the field. While this does its job quite well, there is some information about the cards that must be communicated to the user in real time.

We attached small UI hovers to the cards to give players dynamic information about cards already on the field at all times. Each space contains its own object for managing their own mini-UI. The object will gather data on the space, as well as any cards contained by the space.

The cards are made up of two objects themselves, the card itself which contains all constant information about the card, and a listener object which both receives events for the contained card, as well as any modifications to the card’s value. The UI will read the values between both objects to give an accurate display of all counters currently attributed to the card, as well as any modifications to its power or otherwise.

That is all for this week’s devlog. Stay tuned for next week where we step into Sky’s front lawn to have a chat with their sister Phoebe. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest TerraZone: Shoot for the Stars news. Catch you next week TerraZone fans!

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